Saturday, September 16, 2017


Lt. Stitchie is currently putting the finishing touches on his soon to be released album. The project, which has been in the works for over a year, will feature collaborations with: Agent Sasco aka Assassin, Million Stylez, Lukie D, Fantan Mojah and Ricky Stereo. Most of the production was done in France by Manudigital, and though a title has already been decided, Stitchie and his team are not yet ready to share it with the public. The album will be released on the Flash Hit Records label before the end of this year.

Unlike his recent albums, this one will be extremely hardcore, as the Governor seems to be intentionally addressing the obvious negative tone that is dominating the overall music industry.

When asked why this album is so hard, this is what Lt. Stitchie had to say:

"This message of righteousness must be heard by everyone, and particularly in a language understood by everyone, from the deepest corner of the ghetto to the highest pinnacle of the hill top. Across every socio economic strata of societies on the face of this earth. I have the skills set to be seriously effective in this hardcore way, so I am chosen for this time. Evil and falsehood are rapidly becoming the new norm and it would falsely appear that those of us who stand for righteousness are dormant and becoming obsolete. My hardcore delivery and message lucidly obliterate this lie. I am holding back no punches and taking no prisoners ... Hardcore all the way."

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Karamanti’s EP “The Black God” is now available on Google Play, Deezer & all other Digital Music Stores

Released in March of this year, “The Black God” EP was only available for digital download via Karamanti’s personal bandcamp store; that is until a few days ago. Based on the increasing number of downloads it’s getting, coupled with the incredible feedback from tons of industry professionals (see responses below), Karamanti decided it was best to also place the EP on: iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, Google Play and Spotify.

Produced and Distributed by her own Blakkwuman22 Music label, “The Black God” EP features five tracks: three reggae, one dancehall and one hip-hop. It has collaborations with veteran roots reggae singer, Mikey General and African hip-hop artist, Obibini. With a very strong theme of black empowerment, this project has captured the attention of several reggae industry insiders. Here are some reactions from some of them after hearing the entire EP:

"Great music featuring a talented artist Karamanti. To be enjoyed and shared by all. A must for a reggae library collection. Rating 10 on 10....."
Donald Hall - Executive Producer & Radio Personality - Montreal, Quebec

black goddess.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jahmekka Green - Selector & Event Promoter - Portland, Jamaica

"It is massive I like it and let the music play no matter where you are big op Karamanti"
DJ Blaze - Radio Personality & Club DJ - South Africa

“music up up up….”
Selector Ras Nene - Radio Personality - Ghana

Listen and download all songs:  
For additional information visit Karamanti’s official website:

Homeless in Houston – Here is how you can help those affected by the recent Hurricane in Houston, Texas

Unfortunately, a member of the MJE team has been left homeless in Houston. Popular radio and TV host, DJ Solo, the man who has been giving us “The Island Grove Show” for years, was hit hard by Hurricane Harvey. Both he and his family (wife and kids) have lost their home and all their belongings.

That being said, we are asking members of the public to contribute whatever they can to assist them as they try to get back on their feet. You can make your contributions via the following link (be sure to indicate that the money is for DJ Solo): We will have Solo take pictures and/or do video snippets indicating that he has indeed received the money from us.

If we are able to raise enough, we will extend the funds to other victims in Houston.

Thanks in advance for your kindness.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Soul Singer PEARL Releases New Single “Free”

Not new to the game but with a whole new expression and confidence, singer and songwriter Pearl says her new single – Free – is a beginning of a new chapter in her musical journey embracing the love of soul, Afro-beat and jazz.

The single Free is a collaboration between Pearl and ThExchange Project with producer, Mugo Nga’ang’a.  The song Free exudes sensitivity and vulnerability and yet has a fierceness, rawness and powerful energy that gives it a colorful and authentic expression of emotion making you feel that you can break free from any kind of setback. 

It is difficult not to dance to the afro-beat combined with the melodious soulful piano chords while the sensual and very soulful vocals draws your attention to listen. The song ends in its climax as Pearl takes it to another level making her debut with a rap piece so feminine yet so strong where she surely sets herself Free.

Watch the official video for Free on YouTube:
Download Free from iTunes:

Song: Free
Artist: Pearl
Written by: Pearl
Produced & Arranged by: ThExchange Project
Drum Programming by: Wilson Kentura
All Other Instruments Programmed by: Waithaka

ThExchange Project

Friday, December 2, 2016

Canadian Artist UZMAN Rebrands With New Logo showing His Fusion Of Reggae And Hip-Hop

Having collaborated with established Reggae acts such as Jah Mason and Junior Reid, UZMAN has always fused his party-style rap music with Jamaica’s roots Reggae. In an attempt to show his love and commitment to both genres, he is now officially rebranding himself and releasing a new logo that he is calling: Fusing DA Fusion.

Though UZMAN resides in Ontario, Canada, he frequently visits and works in Jamaica; constantly promoting his collaborative Reggae releases. In Jamaica he is called the Patois Rapper, while in parts of urban America he is referred to as the Reggae Rapper. Knowing that hip-hop was originally created by a Jamaican, UZMAN believes he is a true representative of both genres.

With the single “night life,” which was a combination with Jah Mason, sitting atop several reggae charts worldwide, UZMAN is confident that this idea to rebrand and focus on fusing the different styles, is the way to go. For more about UZMAN visit his official website:

Friday, November 25, 2016

Sri Lankan Reggae Artist, RasTamil, Connects With Jamaican Veteran Producer, Bobby Digital

Growing up in war-torn Sri Lanka motivated Franklin Fernando to go to battle. But instead of taking up arms, he armed himself with a Fender Stratocaster. After relocating to Canada, Franklin branded himself as RasTamil – combining ‘Ras’ (Rastafarian) and ‘Tamils’ (Sri Lanka’s minority people) – and began making music that reflects the hope of cultures around the world coming together.

In an effort to work with the best in the Reggae industry, RasTamil reached out to Bobby Digital, initially requesting that he mix a song for him, but to his surprise, he was instead given a rhythm produced by the veteran producer for him to voice on. The result is the new single; Bluffing.

According to RasTamil: “The story behind the song is a long story. It goes back to a 5 year long experience I had with the music industry people I thought were true friends, but who ripped me off  with a grant money I got to make my first album. There were times they threatened me with emails saying my music career will go down. They made very negative comments, you know. They also tried to stop people who wanted to help me. But with the help of Most High, I was able to remain strong and come out of people’s negativity little by little. In the end I got this opportunity to work with Bobby Digital, which I’ve been trying to do for a very long time.”

He went on to say: “When I wrote this song I had those threats in my mind which I am metaphorically using the "Blade" for. The message from this song is for the true soulful people who work hard every day and sometimes along the way they run into people who are wolves in sheep clothing and pretend to be friends and play with your trust. But if you are positive, strong and fearless you can conquer evil ways u know.

DJs send an email to for the MP3