Monday, November 5, 2012

“Read” by Karamanti hits #1 on the Conscious Top 10 chart on Jamaica’s Roots FM

Every so often there comes a track that captures the attention of everyone that hears it in an unexplainable manner. Whether it is the message, the rhythm or the flow, it simply has that IT factor. Karamanti’s single “read” is one such track.

As the name implies, the song speaks about the importance of reading and associates the degrading lyrics and images in music with the presenter’s ignorance. Since its release, the track has been getting favorable radio rotation both on the local and international scene.

In early October it entered the Conscious Top 10 chart which is featured on the program Intensity Friday, every Friday from 6pm -8pm on Roots 96.1 FM (in Jamaica). As of Friday, November 2nd, “read” is sitting in the number one spot.

Listen and download “read” here:

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