Monday, May 9, 2011


Reggae artist Iya Ingi is here and there is no denying it!

Over the last couple of months this artist has been dominating several charts in Jamaica and overseas with his hit single, “world crisis”. The song was recently featured on global linkz radio’s new artists top ten chart. Listeners from all over the world tuned in and voted for the song making it number one on that particular chart.

Similarly, “world crisis” was added to what’s the verdict, a show featured on Jamaica’s Roots FM. World Crisis went up against two other tracks, giving listeners an opportunity to call in and vote for the song they think is a “big tune”. Iya Ingi won with absolutely no competition. 

This single has plunged Iya Ingi into a world wind of media attention. He has spent the last few weeks going across the island doing both TV and radio interviews for several media networks in Jamaica. Additionally, he is always on the phone or skype doing interviews with radio stations in Canada, America and Europe.

Iya Ingi is now in talks with several directors regarding shooting the video for this track.

To listen to world crisis visit

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