Monday, May 16, 2011


Many people are familiar with Ruben I from his years of touring with reggae super star Warrior King. The two became friends over a decade ago when Ruben met and encouraged Warrior King to continue in music. After the success of “virtuous woman”, Warrior King was thinking of giving up on music and it was a conversation with Ruben I that got him to discard those thoughts and stay the course.

Shortly after meeting they started spending a lot of time together as Ruben I would accompany Warrior King on his shows. Together they toured Germany, Paris, Switzerland, Denmark, America, Japan and several other countries. For the most part, Ruben I acted as Warrior’s flagman but as the years went on he started to perform with the artist, and in some cases even opened up for him. The two eventually recorded a single together entitled “love Rastafari”.

Due to personal family issues, Ruben I stepped away from the music, touring and limelight for a while. Being a father of one girl and three boys he felt that he needed to turn his attention to his children. He stopped touring with Warrior King and did not record any new music for a period of time.

Having resolved all family concerns, Ruben I is now back in the studio compiling tracks for his first album, which will be called Hard Times Passing Through. Ruben states that things he has seen both in Jamaica and abroad inspired the name of the project. The lead single, which is called “hard times” is available for free download to the public. Persons simply have to click on the following link to download

The album will be released on Black Tibet Records. The label is hoping to have all songs ready for release by mid June but acknowledges that it could be delayed until the end of June. Ruben-I and his team are also working on the synopsis for the first video, which will be shot by Colby “Vintage Boss” Graham.

DJs wanting jingles or dubs at no cost from this artist simply have to email their sound/DJ info to Free dubs and jingles will be done on a first come first serve basis and we do reserve the right to end this offer without prior notice.

To listen to the single, “hard times”, visit:

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