Sunday, May 15, 2011


There is an ongoing debate within the music industry in Jamaica regarding the state of dancehall. Some are of the belief that this genre has become too negative and should not be allowed airplay on commercial radio. Regardless what your thoughts are about this form of expression, we all have to agree that dancehall has become a force to reckon with.

Investors are now looking at emerging dancehall artists as lucrative investments. Equally, major commercial brands are putting money in dancehall events and labels. As such, Maria Jackson Entertainment Company has decided to do a mix CD dedicated to the artists, producers and record labels that are actively working within the dancehall community.

Yellow Yam and Green Kalaloo is an hour and twenty-four minutes of hardcore underground dancehall music. It features rhythms from Big Ship, Phamily Productions, Frenz For Real, Board House and other labels. This mix features songs by some of dancehall’s best-established and emerging artists alike.

It is also important to acknowledge the producers of dancehall. Because they are always locked in the studio working on creating the music, they are never given the same spotlight as the artists. This mix CD has productions from Steven the genius, Digital Sham, Red Boom, Version and other amazing producers.

Yellow Yam and Green Kalaloo was mixed by King-Arts (also known as DJ number One) with additional production and mastering by Maria Jackson Entertainment Company. Promotional sponsorship provided by Seven Music Promotion, Reggae Tapes, Blakkwuman22 Music and Maria Jackson Entertainment Company.

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